Reversing Neuropathy

Why Haven’t You Reversed Your Neuropathy?

In this blog post, Dr. Brian Prax, a specialist in peripheral neuropathy based in Charlottesville, Virginia, reveals the number one reason many people have not been able to reverse their peripheral neuropathy. He identifies the belief system that holds individuals back from finding relief from this condition, diabetes, obesity, or any other health challenge they may be facing. Dr. Prax emphasizes the need to change this belief system in order to achieve positive results and improve overall well-being.

The BS Story Holding You Back

Dr. Prax begins by addressing the prevalent misconception surrounding peripheral neuropathy. Many doctors, society, nurses, neighbors, family members, and even influential figures like preachers and teachers suggest that it is impossible to fix this condition. They often claim that individuals must learn to accept and live with it. However, Dr. Prax asserts that this belief system is entirely false.

He highlights the success rate of his practice, where they have achieved an impressive 85 percent success rate in treating peripheral neuropathy. While it’s true that not everyone will experience improvement, Dr. Prax emphasizes that 85 percent of individuals can no longer believe that nothing can be done about their condition.

Challenging Western Medicine’s Approach

Dr. Prax acknowledges that within the field of Western medicine, the available medications such as Gabapentin (Neurontin) and Tramadol only serve to mask the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. These medications do not offer a permanent solution. He emphasizes that it is impossible to medicate oneself out of peripheral neuropathy.

However, Dr. Prax points out that this does not mean there is no hope beyond Western medicine. It is crucial to challenge the limiting belief that nothing can be done. Some alternative approaches and treatments can effectively address peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, obesity, or any other health challenge.

Changing Your Belief System

Dr. Prax identifies two fundamental limiting beliefs that often hinder individuals from taking action to reverse their health conditions. The first belief revolves around doubting one’s ability to make necessary changes. Dr. Prax emphasizes that if the current lifestyle and dietary choices have contributed to the development of the condition, then it becomes imperative to change these habits. Doing the same things repeatedly will only yield the same undesirable results.

He urges individuals to believe in their capacity to make these changes. Deciding to prioritize one’s health and well-being is essential. Time is limited, and it is crucial to acknowledge one’s worth and take the necessary steps towards improvement.

The second limiting belief involves the fear of committing to doctor visits, especially for those who live far away. Dr. Prax provides reassurance that remote consultations, such as through Skype, are feasible and practical. He shares examples of successful consultations with individuals from England and Florida, emphasizing that distance should not be a barrier to seeking help.

Embracing a New Mindset for Success

Dr. Prax expresses frustration over encountering individuals who, despite receiving a detailed plan with an 85 percent success rate, respond with hesitation and the need to consider it further. He questions the rationale behind such reluctance and emphasizes the significance of changing one’s mindset.

He urges individuals to let go of limiting beliefs that prevent them from believing they deserve a better quality of life. The belief system that undermines self-worth hampers progress and must be discarded. Dr. Prax reiterates that changing one’s mindset is crucial for healing the nerves and achieving overall well-being.


Dr. Brian Prax, a specialist in peripheral neuropathy, emphasizes the need to address the belief system that holds individuals back from reversing their health conditions. By challenging the prevailing belief that nothing can be done, individuals can open themselves up to alternative treatments and approaches. Dr. Prax encourages individuals to believe in their ability to make positive changes and prioritize their well-being. By changing their mindset, individuals can pave the way for improved health and a better quality of life.

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